Life Lesson for Mommy #44:


Life Lesson for Mommy #44:
Big Fat Momma

I met an acquaintance I hadn’t seen since before I was pregnant with Omera- over 3 years ago. So when we met up by accident at the mall today, it was a great surprise to know she had just given birth to a healthy baby girl a month ago. I was surprised since she didn’t even look like she had been pregnant! I told her she looked amazing having just given birth! She replied by asking how old Haytham was, I said almost 5 months and we both had this awkward silence….Like as if her eyes were asking me why I hadn’t already lost all that baby weight yet?

I felt like I had to explain to her why I was still hanging on to my chub. So it’s been 4 months, almost 5 and I haven’t lost all the baby weight I gained…in fact there is a good chance a gained a pound or 2 back. And most of it due to the fact that my son Haytham was mad colic for the first 3 months of his life out of the belly- horrible crying, intense purple crying and not to mention 4 major nursing strikes. It was tough and really emotionally intense. All that along with neck and shoulder pain from an accident that never really healed….of course I’m gonna eat cupcakes dammit!

But I shouldn’t have to justify this to people or myself. It’s tough to be a woman and even harder to be a mom. The expectations don’t go down just because you have a baby, in fact it might be even worse. Everyone looks at Kim Kardashian and thinks it’s realistic to drop 25lbs after having the baby. Well let me tell you, the Kim types in the world have the time, and maybe their priorities and help are a bit different then mine. Hollywood has the help, the chef, the personal trainer…I just have myself LOL And the one time I went to a baby yoga class, I had to rush out in 10 minutes because Haytham had a colic episode….but the time I had in there made me realize that woman are really harsh with each other. These yoga moms were in there with their babies who were younger then Haytham and looking like they had never gotten pregnant, looking at me like I didn’t care for myself….

Why is the pressure to be thin so quickly after birth so crucial? Are we that narrow minded of a society, that the health of a mother comes last compared to her body image? Is left over belly from where the baby stretches your inni into an outie that bad? Is it so bad to have curves and chub left over on your body after nurturing life for 10 months? Is it really that bad?

It’s fine if you want to be thin and fit, all the power to you. If you can balance new baby and having a fit amazing bod, I envy your will power! If you can send me some of that energy and will power please do! A year or two ago a fitness momma with 3 kids posted up a picture of her 3 sons and her in a 2 piece outfit with the title ‘what’s your excuse’. It was a huge thing on the net, and the question of if fat shaming is actually a good thing came up. To push women who are new mothers to lose excess baby weight faster and not use the baby….Um wtf? Serious? Maybe her babies are just wonderful angels who did what they were supposed to do on time, but that’s not the majority of babies. Maybe she left her kids to exercise, I didn’t.

That’s not the majority of women out there. And what I resent is the ‘yoga momma’s’ out there who are fat shaming real mothers who don’t have perfect babies. They don’t have perfect bodies and why should fat be the issue. Shouldn’t healthy be what you push?

Listen, if all you eat is kale and kale, and everything’s juiced, that’s great, I’m very envious of your lifestyle. But even if all I ate was that, I would never be a size zero and I don’t ever want to be a size zero, I just want to be healthy.

Body image was getting me down, seeing these perfect bodies of new momma’s was getting me down. And then a wonderful thing happened…my husband told me that he liked my chub. That this chub was proof that I put priority on my colic son who needed me for those 3 months. I put priority on my daughter who felt left out because all my time was spent on nursing and cuddling an infant. I put priority on my happiness by using time I could have used on the stepper to watch a funny show to lift my dwindling spirits. I ate, oh I ate when I had a chance, and that was whenever the baby wasn’t crying, so my diet wasn’t great. Regardless, I love the way I am. And though I want to go back to my ideal size, I’m not going to let images of sexy momma’s in bikini’s break me down. And it shouldn’t bring down any mother.

You are amazing, and your body is amazing. You have to love yourself, no point is being thin if all that matters to you is what other people think. Then all you’re doing is being shallow, and teaching your children that girls have to be thin, sexy objects. And I for one will not teach my daughter or my son that. Women are beautiful inside out, the way they are. There is too much heavy important placed on the size of her waist and not enough on how amazing of a girl or mother she is. And most importantly both her physical and mental health should be what matters.

I love my chub. And if you meet me, you’ll love my chub too.

Pass this to a new momma who loves her chub too.

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #43:

Picky Eater!

Forcing your kid to eat.

What to do when your kid just won’t eat. Some kids just eat whatever they are given. Some kids are more picky, really picky. And they don’t want to eat what you give them or don’t want to eat at all. And it’s the toughest thing to watch when your child isn’t eating properly, you constantly worry if they are getting enough of the essential nutrients they need to grow.

Some parents might get desperate and start force feeding, but don’t. It’s actually really bad for them because it sets up a bad food relationship as well as shocking their set metabolism. Your child will never starve him/herself, so trust that they will eat but maybe in small portions or eat a little throughout the day and suddenly want a big helping of fruits or rice or chicken days later. It’s perfectly normal.

Force feeding them can set up a bad relationship with food, that can lead to obesity, diabetes and other eating disorders. So even though it may be hard, you have to clench your teeth and try and try again and again to encourage them to eat. And if they watch you eating, making happy noises and being excited about food they will eventually pick up on those habits.

And if you’re really paranoid try filling in the gaps with yummy fruit and veggie packed smoothies rather then getting pediasure if you don’t want the extra sugar. Hide shredded carrots in spaghetti sauce, spinach leafs in pizza etc Or over the counter vitamin drops or gummies. And remember, don’t force them and don’t force yourself.

Let eating be a natural part of their lives, and a healthy one for both you and your child.

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #41:


Kids Learning a 2nd Language:


If you’re a ethnic parent, then you probably are already teaching your child a second language (your mother language if you will). For Caucasian parents, you may not have a second language apart from English. The benefits of teaching your child early on a second or third language are great!
A second language helps the brain develop on a whole different level. It gives the child ability to process everything slowly but more efficiently, giving stimulation in the memory and comprehension side of the brain- usually pre-programing for faster brain processing as they grow up.
If you are born in a family where there is no 2nd language, consider picking a language for your child to learn. Youtube has some great videos for kids to learn different language if you just want to see what your child connects with better.
For Omera, we have English at home, Hindi with my parents, and Chinese with her Chinese teacher. So she’s covered on all grounds haha
But she is sometimes a little slower, because now that she’s being exposed to all 3 languages, she often pauses to process what she wants to say in the language that is appropriate based on the person’s race! Amazing isn’t it.
So if you haven’t yet started to teach your kid a 2nd language, definitely go for it!
Good Luck

Life Lesson for Mommy #40:


Winter and baby skin

Its cold out there! The air is dry and crisp making it that time of year where baby’s skin will get dry.  Use a good quality baby lotion or cream to keep baby’s skin moist, comfortable and healthy. Baby moisturizers from Gaia are excellent! Natural, without the dangerous chemicals normally found in baby products. It’s one of my favorites!

If you want to use your current baby lotions, at least don’t pick Johnsons & Johnsons, which has had some issues recently with cancer causing ingredients in their creams and products. Pick a baby product or lotion that has no parfum, has a few ingredients and you should be able to pronounce them. Add a few drops of coconut oil in there or smear on your hand before you apply the lotion to naturally protect their skin from UVA UVB rays as well as keeping their skin baby soft and moisturized.
You can purchase these from or go directly to Gaia’s website.

Good Luck!
Gaia baby moisturizer

Gaia bath and body:

Gaia baby starter Kit

Gaia’s website

Life Lessons for Mommy 39:


My New Secret Skin Care Product

I use a few things for my skin to try to hold on to looking youthful for a bit longer- despite hitting into my 30’s. And of course when you think of skin care, you think of all the products you’re going to slather on to your face and body, all the things you’re going to DIY and paste, and baste in to look younger, fresher and prettier.

But here’s one of my new secret weapons that has me raving praises! And its not even something you put on your body.

Udo’s oil. No joke, it’s one of the healthiest oils on earth, and it does wonders for your skin, hair and nails, not to mention cell regeneration, and detoxifying. I was skeptical when my momma friend told me about it, I mean you can say Olive Oil is the best oil on earth if you look at all the good things it does for you too. But Udo’s oil is different. It has a combination of different unrefined oils, like flex oil, sesame, evening primrose seeds, coconut and rice bran oils. It’s vegetarian based which makes it halal and kosher, all natural, and has DHA. This isn’t just great for skin, it’s great for eye health (I went down a prescription, I didn’t even know that was possible but there it is!)

So give yourself a boost in health and beauty, and get this oil. I did the hunting for you and found Flora Health has the best Udo’s oil out there- non GMO and completely natural and vegetarian. And if you’re breast feeding, or pregnant, take this oil, it’s not harmful to your baby, in fact the boost in brain development of the baby, and supports the nervous system. So go for this oil, a little goes a long way.

Drizzle on salads, Chinese foods, or even smoothies (I couldn’t do the smoothie…texture issue for me, but you might like it). It’s not really a cooking oil, so don’t try to fry things in it, it’s more of a top off oil. So you add it in, not cook it out so keep that in mind.

You can buy it from a friend of mine who’s helping me out with my videos (which I plan on shooting in the new year!!! So please do support me too!!)

Good Luck

And as always,
Good Luck