Life Lesson for Mommy #11:

Should I use the Soother?

It wasn’t until my daughter Omera was 18 months when I finally decided to use the soother out of desperation. I had to stop nursingΒ  suddenly after a horrible car accident, and she was not happy about it.

Heer teeth were coming in at the same time- so it was an explosion of unhappy. After consulting 2 dentists and Dr. Sears on his website I took the plunge. And it was the best thing ever! I learned that as long as your child isn’t using it all day, day and night, and isn’t using the soother by the age of 3-4, their teeth and jaw will be fine.

Granted you use a soother that is designed more like a nipple and has holes for breathing, their mouths will be fine.

The main thing to watch out for is how much they are using the soother and for how long, and to keep an eye out for the space between teeth (that’s more likely to show a future need of braces).

And as long as you show your child that it’s okay to sooth and comfort themselves you’re developing a better emotionally sound child rather then a frustrated unhappy baby.

Good luck

Life Lesson for Mommy #10:


You might be tempted to give your toddler the freedom to wake up whenever they want and do whatever they want when they want. But as I learned very painfully, that they crave routines!

Structured days, structured activities and structured lives is what they want and it is so good for them. It’s important to give them creative freedom, and mental freedom is also essential, but you must have a good routine in place. This will keep their lives in order, and their behavior from being all over the place.

For example, when they wake up, when they get their naps, when they sleep at night- those are the important things to have it routines.

Everything else in between those is flexible, but having a time for reading, a time for watching a tv or playing a computer game, learning an instrument should be also be at a specific time- so they get used to it like they would have to at preschool or kindergarten.Β  And of course don’t go overboard, if you’re late 20 minutes to give your toddler reading time, it’s no big deal, let them be in some control of what they want to do. What they want to read, what they want to draw or colour, how they want to play with their toys; that’s all them, let them express and imagine.

So if you don’t already have one, start a routine.

Of course things change. Sometimes we go out, sometimes she goes to the park or mall so we don’t always do everything on time and perfectly. We are flexible with our lives because our toddler is not a robot and she’s expressive and full of energy- and of course life happens πŸ™‚

The key is to create structure, let them know what you’re going to do today, or what’s going to happen next so they get an idea of how to plan their day as they grow.

Good Luck

Life Lesson for Mommy #9:

To TV or not to TV?

In the beginning I was very determined to not let my daughter watch any TV because of all the recommendations by Doctors.

But is it really that bad?

It can be an excellent tool to teaching your kids fundamentals like the alphabet and numbers or, a dummy tool. IF you limit the amount of time they spend on the computer or watch TV in combination with interactive teaching while they are watching, it can be a good way for them to learn and for you to spend some time.

But as always, moderation and common sense. The TV or computer is not a babysitter. Its’ a tool for you to use to help your child learn, not a zombie machine.


Good Luck

Life Lesson for Mommy #8

Teething nightmare?


It’s a hard time when your baby is teething., for you and baby. They can get cranky from the pain and pressure, and maybe even develop a fever.

So what to do: try a amber necklace for your little one. And for those spurts of pain, try giving your toddler or baby a cold celery or cucumber (without the seeds). It’s cold, good for them and takes away some of the edge.

You can even try letting a clove or two sit in some warm water for a few minutes and then dip your finger in and then rub their gums- this can actually have a numbing affect.

And for night time troubles, try Orajel night time. This will help them sleep which will help them be less cranky so you can stay sane.

Good Luck