The Toughest Job in the World

The hours are pretty much 24/7, no pay, will have to be on your feet most of the day, and possibly throughout the night. The “associate”s need’s will have to be met- first and fully. And there are no breaks, no holidays. In fact, your work load triples on holidays and you’re expected to be able to perform with a smile on your face.

Learn what the toughest job on earth is- and billions of people do it everyday.

I am a director of Operations.

Worlds toughest Job.

Life Lesson for Mommy #21


The Trouble with Vaseline.



It’s kind of become tradition throughout the decades to use vaseline on baby’s bums and other dry parts. This is a big no no. Vaseline is found in the baby aisle often because it’s been used on baby bums everywhere to prevent the skin from getting dry and to stop from anything like poopy from sticking to sensitive baby skin. What mothers may have not known back then, is that putting anything around the diaper area of a baby can actually do more harm then good. Vaseline doesn’t protect, it blocks, preventing the skin from breathing.


Skin breathing is essential to good healthy baby skin, especially the bum. Don’t use Vaseline on any part of a baby. If dry skin is an issue then try using sensitive baby skin lotions or moisturizes, or try using Euceren- which contains arginine (good for anyone’s skin).
If diaper rashes are an issue, try switching diapers or changing more often and using a ‘everyday use’ diaper cream. And if your little one is a big kid and has dry skin issues; try easing on products that contain ‘parfum’ in the ingredients list (at least the first 5), and sulphates (which strips skin).


You can add a little olive oil (which is closest to resembling natural skin cells) with their lotion or in the baths to help keep their skin moisturized- just a couple of teaspoons as needed is all it takes.
And don’t use powders on babies or kids- not even for their faces. Babies and kids lose moisture a lot faster then adults and using powders on diaper areas or even their faces makes their skin drier faster; and opens the door for future skin irritations because you’re drying out their natural moisture barriers.
Good Luck

Life Lessons for Mommy #20


Forcing your kid to eat

We have all been there. Where your kid just doesn’t want to eat- unless your child is one of those amazing kids who just eat whatever you give them. Some kids are more picky, really picky. And they don’t want to eat what you give them or don’t want to eat at all.


And it’s the toughest thing to watch when your child isn’t eating properly. You constantly worry if they are getting enough of the essential nutrients they need to grow. Some parents might get desperate and start force feeding, but don’t. It’s actually really bad for them because it sets up a bad feeding relationship as well as shocking their set metabolism.


Your child will never starve him/herself, so trust that they will eat but maybe in small portions or eat a little throughout the day and suddenly want a big helping of fruits or rice or chicken. It’s perfectly normal. Force feeding them can set up a bad relationship with food, that can lead to obesity, diabetes and other eating disorders. So even though it may be hard, you have to clench your teeth and try and try again and again to encourage them to eat. And if they watch you eating, making happy noises and being excited about food they will eventually pick up on those habits.


And if you’re really paranoid try filling in the gaps with yummy fruit and veggie packed smoothies rather then getting pediasure if you don’t want the extra sugar. Or over the counter vitamin drops or gummies. And remember, don’t force them and don’t force yourself.


Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #19:


Milestone checks.

If you’re like me, you are pretty diligent on how much your baby is growing and if they are hitting the ‘toddler’ milestones when they are supposed to. As I’ve mentioned before, I was quite the paranoid mommy- maybe even a little still. But the milestones that are most important are the one’s we don’t even know about.

Like for example, did you know when your toddler starts to walk they then hit the milestone of pushing chairs? Or hitting pots and pans, drinking from a straw, or even climbing. All important overlooked milestones. We all only consider when they crawl, when they walk, when they eat or talk as milestones but the little things like hopping like a bunny are also precious developmental milestones so be sure to keep a look out for them.

It’s also important for you to encourage them to perform these big and small milestones. Simple things like reading books to them, to showing them how to draw, or even playing an instrument. They pick up like little sponges!

It’s an easy interactive way to encourage your toddler to learn and also makes your playtime a little more fun!

They are always learning, and these small gestures are their cues to let you know, they’re growing.

Good Luck!

Is Having a Baby Worth it?

Carolines babe

A life terrorist, is a way I would have never thought to describe my daughter Omera. But when I read the article, I found myself nodding to each and everything the author was talking about. LOL

Read the whole funny article and decide? Is it worth having a life terrorist- I mean baby?