Life Lesson for Mommy #30:


There’s a size 0

Awhile back I sent a drawing I made to my friend that makes us laugh even till today. I went shopping with my husband and daughter and decided to enter a store. Mind you, I had no business being in this teeny poppy, night club type of store; not conservative like me at all.  But I wanted to buy a dress that I could wear with tights. And also to feel young. I’m not old, and certainly my personality is far from being 30. So I thought why not.


I went in despite my better judgment and then my husband said to me  “Really? Are you sure? because you’re like over 30”


…and that’s why I killed him…. END of Life Lesson…..Just kidding.


I stormed into the shop, completely motivated to prove that I could still rock these kinds of trendy almost slutty types of clothes and still be true to being a mom and wife. Heck we all need a little edge now and then right. Just because we become a wife and start having kids, doesn’t mean we are suddenly boring. Us girls like to dress up and be told we look young and pretty.


I went in and found a dress I thought would suit me a lot, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I thought that it would be nice to have a little black dress like the rest of the female population.

I tried this thing on and came out only to find a bouncy blood who asked me if I liked it.


And I asked her if this was okay on my body type, since I’m not skinny, I’m mainly all pudge. And she responded with ‘like a super duper’ yeah. Right away after seeing myself in the mirror noticing how thick my thighs were in comparison to this young blond who didn’t look like she was old enough to be working there.


I told her I thought this dress was more suited to her size and didn’t really do it for me. Trying to make her commission she said, no way it really does suit you. I told her ‘well you’re a size S so it would suit her more’. She then smiled to be like a naive bimbo (god bless her soul) and said, “Oh I’m a XS’ I asked her what size was XS and she said 0…. There is a size 0 out there ladies, a freaking 0.

Doesn’t 0 mean nothing, nada? I felt like I should dig a hole and just crawl into it.


When I came back out to see my husband just coming back from doing a lap around the food court to keep my daughter distracted. He asked me how it went and if I liked anything. And being a defiant girl who just got served into her place, I said that it was too expensive, rather then just saying he was kinda right.


These clothes were not me, and I shouldn’t feel bad about it. I like my body the way it is and I love my age. I think the little skanky black dress is not for me, even when I was younger since I have always been a bit more conservative. But I thought to myself, I’m okay with that. I don’t need to feel old, out of shape, because I am a mom, and a wife and I’m really happy to be both those things.

So the lesson of the story is?….there are a few lessons depends on what it means to you. One lesson from this could be to like your body, to not look at size, or to be you and not be who you think you should be, or to be 20.


But the lesson for me was that, I don’t have to prove that I’m a young girl at heart. I already have a guy in my life who thinks I’m beautiful, not just pretty. And that’s my lesson, I’d rather be beautiful to him, then be pretty to the rest.


Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #29:


Kids need to drink water.
This is one of the hardest things I ever have to do during my day. Getting Omera to drink water. She was good before, not so good anymore. Well my kid won’t drink- unless it’s her favorite apple juice. Of course when I explain to her that she can’t have more then 60 ml of apple juice a day because even though it’s natural juice not from concentrate, it still has a lot of sugar, and sugar isn’t good for her teeth or her tummy; so it’s better to eat the apple then drink the juice….that’s right, she understands none of that!

So how do I get this toddler to drink water. Well first things, since she gets more then enough servings of milk, cheese and yogurt; I often dilute her homo milk with up 50+ ml of water.

And my second best go to, is to mix in berries into the water over night to get that berry flavour. Lemon and ginger, or just watermelon in the water is another of her favorites. You just mix a generous amount of pieces of fruit into a jug of water, leave overnight in the fridge and the next day, you have flavoured water that yor kid will drink- hopefully. Or if they like the watery fruits like watermelon, let them eat away directly!

For lemon and ginger- go easy on it since they do have small and developing tummies it’s important to add that punch of flavour but not over do it. Toss in some herbs like mint, or veggies like cucumber and experiment!

Anybody have any other suggestions on how to get your kids to drink water?

Good luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #28:


Baby and play-dough.


It’s usually recommended that children under 3 don’t play with play dough, since there is a risk that they might eat it. While it is non toxic, it’s still not good on their little bellies.


But my recommendation is if you have some time to supervise, hand them that play dough! Sculpting and learning to mold and make is really good activation for their brain! Its all about hand, eye and imagination. Not to mention a great way for their little fingers to exercise and flex. It also calms them down to focus their attention. Most babies can focus on one thing for a long time and then move on, but toddlers are more imaginative and can soak up the environment or situation like a sponge. So working with play dough and encouraging them to ‘make something’ is an excellent way to get their mind focused on a task.


If you’re looking for a more natural play dough, why not make it at home- it’s very easy and you’ll be less worried even if your baby gets a lick or two. Follow the link below and enjoy!


Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #27:


Sunscreen your kids

Summer’s here!  It’s the only time of year that parents remember to put on Sun Screen. You should be using Sun Screen all year around because it’s not hot during the fall and winter months.
But alas, the sun’s still there, and it’s full on blasting that baby skin with UVA and UVB rays. The concentration might be a little less, but it’s still there.

So now that it’s summer, slather on baby or kids sunscreen (at least 45+ for lighter skins, and 60 for darker skin tons) on any exposed skin on your child during the day, on top of their baby lotion. Even if you wipe their face or they get wet, make sure to reapply.

And remember to put some on too (adult sunscreen of course).


PS: remember those hats!

Good Luck!

Omera’s Shows List:


Experts say the same thing: that TV and Laptops can actually make your kids slow ….a little stupid. And honestly, it really can. Too much TV really does melt the brain, especially for kids.

My daughter Omera doesn’t really watch any TV programs. I tried to let her watch famous shows like Dora, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies- the whole lot. But it just didn’t appeal to her, and after watching them I honestly realized why the experts say that it turns your kids a bit slow. Because these shows all have unrealistic visuals of what real life is. Nothing practical, no real substance of real life.

Sure sharing, caring and doing your best are important. But my daughter doesn’t get why Dora consults a monkey and then goes on a boat to rescue a talking penguin… If it didn’t make sense to me on a basic level, why the heck would it to her?

So she watched only programs that I per-screened and selected for her from youtube.

I downloaded the videos so there are no interruptions of ad’s and having to go and find and click the next video. And I balanced all these videos by keeping it a maximum of 1 hour a day- I try for 30 minutes total for a day, but some days I need that 1 hour.

She watches a wide range of videos, from educational, to language, to just music videos she likes and dances to- best way to make a toddler happy and tired! I try to make sure the videos have other kids in it, or educational elements, I always try to interact with her while she’s watching these videos so she’s not just sitting and staring and memorizing but not learning. If you interact with your kids while they are watching these videos, they are more likely to learn and not just become addicted zombie’s.

So here is the List of Show’s she watches- all free and easily downloaded from Youtube.

Good Luck!

North American Programs:
1) Super Simple Songs : They are honestly my go to videos, and almost all their videos are great for teaching songs and getting Omera off the couch and singing and motioning along.

2) Pancake Manor- have some really good videos for teaching and moving around!

3) This video was great for Omera when she was 1- simple colours, not a lot of flash so she picked up on her #’s fast.

4) Alphablocks! Sound out the sounds!

5) ABC Gang- careful with this one. This is the only video she’s watched from them.

6) An very good Itzy Bitzy song- can really push to not give up.

7) Pororo (english or Korean version)

8) Storybots

9) Pocoyo

(I find Pocoyo to be rather naughty and it was from watching him that Omera learned to tantrum when things didn’t go her way. I was just going to cut him out of her watching list, but then I realized this was a good opportunity to show bad behavior and how to correct it. So when he tantrum’ed or did something I felt wasn’t good, I would tell Omera that Pocoyo’s being very naughty right now and he should say sorry, or that Pocoyo is going to have a time out if he doesn’t clean up his mess etc. Her tantrums after that were easily fixable after that)

Chinese Programs

1) Little Pim (Chinese)

2) Mandarin Colours

3) Qiahou (the Mandarin speaking Tiger) These videos taught Omera early on to brush her teeth, to potty, to dress herself, to behave at the table etc So even though it’s Chinese, give it a try.

4) Beva & Friends- good for learning Chinese ‘mothergoose’ like songs.

5) Elmo- Chinese

Arabic/Islamic Programs
Word of caution, I try to do more interactive learning with this, because this is her base.

1)Arabic Alphabet

2) Manners

3) To see another kid praying.

4) How to Pray

Music Videos


2) Seseame Street- Will.I.AM “stronger” – With this I was able to teach Omera to try her best, and to not get angry but to keep trying. So when you show this song, propagate those ideals.

3) Zodiac Leehom Wang

4) Pharrell Williams, Happy, British Muslims