Life Lesson for Mommy #33:


The ends of a loaf of bread

Nobody on this earth likes the 2 ends of a bread loaf. If you like them- you’re gross- just kidding.
But what to do with them. Most people just throw them out and that’s a terrible waste of food- especially because there are so many hungry mouths to feed out there.
Try making croûtons, or garlic bread, or toast and crumble it for meatballs and burgers. It’s just a couple of slices, and it won’t kill you to make something of it rather then just toss it in the garbage.

Good Luck!



Life Lesson for Mommy #32:


Hot water during the winter.

This is a big skin dryer. Hot water. Yes it feels good to take a nice hot bath or shower during these cold cold months, but it dries out your skin- and as we all know dry skin means wrinkles. Even if you jump out of the hot bath and then slather lotion all over yourself, it’s still weakened your natural skin barrier. So try not to take such hot showers or if you must, do shorter showers with a beauty bar rather then soap.
This applies to babies. Hot baths are nice and comforting but to babies who already have such delicate skin and lose moisture faster then us; it’s even harder on them.


A good moisturizer for the body is coconut oil- does wonder to smooth skin and clarify with anti-oxidants and healing properties!

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #31:

froot loop

Sugary Summer Treats.

It’s not yet Halloween- we’re off by a few months. But it’s summer time and this time of year can be just as sugary as Halloween. It’s very normal to treat your kids to delicious fruits, cakes, and BBQ favorites and sugary drinks; but maybe ease back and redefine what’s normal for your family’s summer.

Hidden behind the ‘real fruit juice’ and ‘sugar free’ are harmful ingredients that can lead your child to some issues down the road. High Corn Fructose syrup, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, GMO fruits, sugar- the list really goes on. If you can’t say the ingredients name, nor know what it is just by reading the ingredient- you have a bad product.

Having that much sugar in a kids system can really make them hyper and make it harder for them to fall asleep and stay asleep. So below are some helpful tips on how to give them that sugar fix without over doing the sugar.

1) Make your own treats: Bake your own cakes and deserts where you can control how much sugar you use. You can try a variety of substitutes, like apple sauce, cream cheese, real fruits instead of jams and low glycemic index sugars like coconut palm sugar.

2) Fruits = Sugar still. Although it’s natural, it can still bring on the sugar buzz in children. So keep an eye on how much sugary fruits you’re allowing the kids to chow down on. Melons and watery fruits like watermelon are great for the summer. Yes they are sugary, but they are also watery and have loads of antioxidants and blood circulating goodness. A great trick to making them think they had more then they think is to cut the fruit into small slices or pieces- it’s easier to eat and gives the impression of eating more.

3) Fusing water. Going to drink some water? Why not infuse your water with veggies, ginger, lemons, mints and other flavours. There are tons of great recipes online for great tasting water.

4) Sneak in some Veggies. It might be hard to make pasta during a BBQ, but pasta salads with grated carrots, zucchini’s, and bell peppers are fantastic as a side dish. Make some tatziki with dill, cucumbers, garlic and mint- a great dipping sauce for spicy BBQ’s meats and kids love it! Have some crowd and kid favorites like carrots and celery cut and easy to munch. As kids play you can hand them a stick or 2.

4) Use garlic, ginger, herbs, lemon, and other flavours to marinate your meat. BBQ sauces often have tons of sugars and other ingredients no one can spell- which is your warning lights about what’s in them. Dyes, sugar, and carbohydrates your kid doesn’t need. So flavour your food, not drown it in sauce. If you really want that saucy flavour, slap on at the end of the cooking process so you’re not basting it constantly in sugar or serve as a dipping sauce.

5) Say no to Soda’s and sugary fruit juices! This year, why not make your own juice or smoothies instead of buying poisonous carbonated drinks like Pepsi or coke. Don’t hand out juice packs to your kids, make smoothies with real fruit, cream and milk, with some veggies if you can, even if they eat next to nothing, you know they got something real and not processed.

6) Do a late lunch BBQ or early dinner. This will help your kids to burn off the extra sugar they had, and still be ready for bed on time. Giving a ‘after dinner’ desert can keep them up, not to mention bad for them to eat and sleep with all that sugar still breaking down in them. So try to have your parties earlier in the day.

7) If you do have a dinner BBQ, limit the sugar intake greatly by not baking sweet treats- just give them cut fruits dipped in a little homemade chocolate. This is great party pleaser and great for kids. Instead of a large cupcake baked with all purpose flour, sugar, heavy icing; a few fruits dipped lightly in chocolate is not as bad.

8) Have games ready! The best way to burn off that sugar is to have activities for the kids ready- a mini pool, arts table, games, soccer ball, bubbles etc Let your imagination fly!

And the last tip, is to have fun! If you plan ahead and have things ready, keeping the kids in mind, you’ll have a worry free BBQ that didn’t shoot up their blood sugars.

Good Luck!

Go for Organic baby formula!


About 4 months ago, I learned the horrible truth about the foods we eat, and the environment we live in- almost everything is toxic. That’s not even an exaggeration. I learned a lot about the fruits and veggies that I thought were healthy and were eating them in large doses, turns out it’s all GMO- genetically Modified Foods. And this stuff is horrible for you.

And now, as I sit here just over 7 months pregnant, I learned the harsh reality about infant formula and all the toxic things that sit in that ingredients list.

Food Babe a fantastic babe with tons of information on organic foods, healthy living and great information on how to live healthy- the real way.

Read the article about the shocking truth about formulas and Organic Infant formula

And Like her facebook and join the FoodBabeArmy

Excellent source for information and my inspiration to correct my ‘healthy’ habits into really actually healthy habits.