Life Lesson for Mommy #43:

Picky Eater!

Forcing your kid to eat.

What to do when your kid just won’t eat. Some kids just eat whatever they are given. Some kids are more picky, really picky. And they don’t want to eat what you give them or don’t want to eat at all. And it’s the toughest thing to watch when your child isn’t eating properly, you constantly worry if they are getting enough of the essential nutrients they need to grow.

Some parents might get desperate and start force feeding, but don’t. It’s actually really bad for them because it sets up a bad food relationship as well as shocking their set metabolism. Your child will never starve him/herself, so trust that they will eat but maybe in small portions or eat a little throughout the day and suddenly want a big helping of fruits or rice or chicken days later. It’s perfectly normal.

Force feeding them can set up a bad relationship with food, that can lead to obesity, diabetes and other eating disorders. So even though it may be hard, you have to clench your teeth and try and try again and again to encourage them to eat. And if they watch you eating, making happy noises and being excited about food they will eventually pick up on those habits.

And if you’re really paranoid try filling in the gaps with yummy fruit and veggie packed smoothies rather then getting pediasure if you don’t want the extra sugar. Hide shredded carrots in spaghetti sauce, spinach leafs in pizza etc Or over the counter vitamin drops or gummies. And remember, don’t force them and don’t force yourself.

Let eating be a natural part of their lives, and a healthy one for both you and your child.

Good Luck!