Life Lesson for Mommy #148:

Infant child baby kid hand with medical insulin syringe

The Vaccination Question?

Ah, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the question. A billion dollar a year industry question.

I’m making this post for my friends and family members who have questions about vaccines, if they’re safe, and if they should get their kids vaccinated.

I will tell you up front, that I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m pro-information. By now I think most of us know that we the public are never told the whole truth, and that’s just based off current and past events where the government has lied or just selected on not telling us the whole story.

News and spine chilling breakthroughs like this article really make me uncomfortable and nervous.

Eek! And it makes me painfully afraid of the fact that I vaccinated both my children, and I myself was vaccinated as a child. I explain later in this post why I decided to do it- and this was before I knew about the article above… Anyways, lets get some perspective!

1) Your Government Is A Habitual Liar.

In many cases Canada follows some of it’s medical practices from the United States (not all but some). Accepting a lot of the research that they have, which was sponsored and paid for by pharmaceutical or chemical companies. One company is Monsanto. Monsanto is company of many faces. It developed the biochemical weapon Agent Orange which the United States sprayed on Vietnam during the war. To this day children are born with serious birth defects and diseases Vietnam. From this company was developed the GMO- that thing you eat in almost every food your government says is safe…except it’s not. Well the safety part is up for scientific debate.Two Shots with a Vial on American Paper MoneyGlysophate which is sprayed on these GMO crops because they’re constantly trying to kill weeds that have become immune to the previous spray, was being totted around the scientific world as SAFE for decades. And then it came out that maybe, just maybe it’s not so safe. Maybe it’s more carcinogen then safe. Sorry about that….Enjoy your cancer broccoli… :S

Tons of research is out there that is completely ignored or shot down simply because the pharmaceutical company or ‘seed company’ like Monsanto says it is. And they go to great lengths to counter these reports even if it’s half ass’d.

 Lets not forget they try to crucify people, even people like Dr. Oz who is against GMO’s and glysophate simply because the science isn’t completely correct on them. He was hammered publicly before a government panel…but guess who was on that hammering panel- people paid for by Monsanto and Big Pharmaceutical companies- that portion didn’t make the news.  But lucky for us, the Internet provides.
Not to mention the United States has in the very recent past of actually introducing diseases into the general public simply to see how ‘people got sick’.

This clip is just to show that the Government can and has lied.

As mentioned in the youtube clip the Syphillis Studies list goes on

Here’s a bunch of others….
How CIA did fake vaccines in Pakistan and India

History of medical abuse- this is important because it puts the next link into perspective

First Nation TB experiments. clinical trials

Phew! That was a lot to read and watch right? Well there’s more, so clear your day! 😛

2) This Is All Just Conspiracy Stuff- Not Real Stuff.

You’re probably going to say, well Ms. Blogger lady, these experiments with vaccines and what not were done a long time ago and these experiments aren’t happening now because they were already experimented and it’s 2016…Well to you I say, you’re stupid to think the government ever stops experimenting. They have a track record of lying, why the hell would you think for a second they’d suddenly become honest.

Big Pharma isn’t called big pharma for no reason- they make trillions, they need you to be sick. If they can spread and experiment with these past vaccines, there is no saying that they won’t introduce illness into a population simply to see how their ‘vaccine’ works- that’s the easiest and cheapest clinical trial ever and they make money on it.

Ah what’s that? Smells like the Ebola virus and that miracle vaccine! :S Yikes

Dictionary definition of word conspiracy

Conspiracy theory is a term coined to create doubt on a plausible theory, well get ready for a dose of reality cause some crazy conspiracy theories turned out to be true- and below is 1 that was wildly put down, until it turned out to be true. Like operation NorthWood for example- might want to google that one, fun read…

And yes there are crazy (like crazy crazy) theories out there, but you just have to apply some common sense, a habit of crossing checking and you’ll have your truth.

3) Polio Vaccines To The Rescue!

Nope, not today. Bill Gates spear headed the cause to cure India of it’s polio- except the well known oral vaccines – suspected for causing parallelization, caused just that, people were paralyzed. This was early on being called out but anti-vaxx’ers were slammed by the general medical community calling it a conspiracy theory nut job blabber.

They used all the science they could to say it wasn’t happening and it was rare…Then it turned out to be legit not so rare. No apology was issued and they haven’t really stopped. Oh and guess who makes this Oral vaccine in India? MONSANTO.

Bill Gates has a nasty habit of being kind of a hypocrite. He talks about helping the impoverished and saving them from curable diseases like Polio but invested millions in a controversial security company called G4S- which is well known to be helping Israel to ethnically cleanse. He also invests heavily in oil companies that do so many horrible things, everything from moving Iraqi oil to oiling up an ocean or two. Their business is war, occupation and ownership of Oil at the expense of human lives.

Saving lives and killing them at the same time. But wait, Bill Gates also believes that climate change is happening mostly because there are too many people on earth- so population control is needed on top of carbon taxes. What is population control, I’m glad you asked. It means LESS HUMAN BEINGS NEED TO BE LIVING.

Eventually because of the huge backlash he got for investing in G4S, he divested.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exposed

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really trust a man who is so hypocritical and won’t even admit that these polio vaccines have destroyed the lives of so many young children and that HPV vaccine testing was in fact happening on these people who didn’t consent to it. And never paid out any money to those affected because meh who cares they’re 3rd world guinea pigs.


You can kinda get what’s happening here…and yes it’s freaking scary. I’ll leave you to panic for a moment……… You’re okay? Lets trooper on!

4) So Who Is Telling The Truth?

With so much information coming at you from the internet, your doctors and the mainstream on what is safe when it comes to vaccines, what is a parent to do….who do we believe?
Well here’s a piece that might help put things in perspective on who we are believing when we believe the research our medical system is basing their belief on:

Dear Jon Stewart, from a Doctor

The ultimate power is in your hand Mr. and/or Mrs Parent, you make that powerful choice. As I did. And I chose with great hesitation and prayer to vaccinate. Because yes the gov’t is total crap and they lie like crazy and they can knowingly introduce disease through these vaccines and YOU nor your Doctor or the Nurse giving the shot would know it. Like this article showing how the FDA knows there is high levels of arsenic in your chicken which can cause cancer and serious illness but they won’t change anything…

But I made my choice simply because a) we travel a lot, especially to and from China b)I’m sending my kids to school which requires them to be up to date with vaccinations. c) I will explain this last reason at the end.

5) Do Vaccines Prevent Stuff Then?
….well yeah, maybe?…not like they say it does. In some cases like we saw last year, it was a vaccinated child who started the measles outbreak that year. In fact, every few years there is an outbreak to basically create the business of vaccinations- and yet it’s being pushed that these vaccines are creating ‘herd resistance’…except it’s not with kids who are actually vaccinated causing the outbreaks..

And yes you can say it keeps having outbreaks because dumb parents aren’t vaccinating? But that’s not what happened in Disney Land…

Ouch so much for herd immunity… :S

6) Are You Qualified To Have An Opinion When You’re Not A Medical Professional?
YES, you are.

It’s the biggest mistake that people think we shouldn’t question what doctors/nurses and experts say. The medical field in this country is designed to teach doctors and nurses ‘what paid for science’ looks like and have them preach that to us. I won’t argue that many advancements have been made through research, and we now live longer healthier lives. But we also have to pay a lot more for drugs that cost pennies in 3rd world nations that can’t afford them. And we also have a lot, like a lot more cancer in our population. The cancer rate can be said to be a combo hit between environment, products that we use that all seem to be laced with cancer causing agents, to our food etc. So we cant’ just blame vaccines. But there is a link between vaccine and vaccine injury-which has in reality harmed and ruined the lives of many thousands.

We also have growing number of cancer patients that doesn’t follow a proper pattern vs population growth (in comparison to even 50 years ago) when there were barely any vaccines.Yeah we have greater chances of living through cancer and living longer fuller lives with cancer- but 1 in 2 will get cancer (that’s not a mistake, 1 in 2). If you get cancer, you make Big Pharma money…that doesn’t bother anybody? to put that into perspective, half of the people on my fb are going to get cancer and live longer with it, but they’ll just be paying for it and suffering through it until that cancer takes them painfully to death. I don’t know about you, but that’s not making me feel better. Nobody is going to ask why the numbers are so amazingly staggering!? 1 in 2 should scare you- A LOT. hands holding family figure on wooden background

Are you qualified to have an opinion?

Just remember, we were told just 15 years ago that Iraq had WMD’s when the government knew it didn’t. We were told the government is not spying on you- when they were and still are. What relevance is this to anything, well the LYING part is relevant. If they can lie and say perfectly innocent countries with perfectly innocent people have WMD’s, invade and destroy their country, killing millions- you think they won’t be able to hold a straight face while telling you vaccinations are totally safe?We were told a lot of things for a long time, and now we’re being asked to ignore growing access to studies out there that prove that the science we’re following around vaccines isn’t actual truth but fudged numbers. just for fun, here’s some stuff on vaccine court- it’s a legit thing. some facts on how vaccines do in fact have a dark side.

7) Tylenol is like legit science safe.
It is true, that if not vaccinated and exposed to the disease children might get really sick, so what if they are injected with something designed chemically with that formaldehyde. Yeah I do get that our bodies produce levels that are naturally occurring, it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t even raise the baseline levels in the body itself when injected, and it does matter if we are exposed by environmental formaldehyde that isn’t naturally occurring- the point is- IT SHOULDN’T be there. Naturally occurring and chemically created are 2 different things people!But why, when it’s totally safe!?To that I say: Tylenol.

Pregnant woman are told that Tylenol is perfectly safe to take during pregnancy and is not harmful to the baby. I have a big surprise for ya! Turns out, the science was wrong. Male babies seem to have reproductive issues that are life lasting….yeah…wtf.

So for 50+ years it was for sure real science legit safe and now with new science we’re being told whoops sorry. If you use too much you’ll give birth to boys who might have problems reproducing…

Um, after my accident I took lots of Tylenol out of painful desperation, and thankfully during my pregnancy with my son those hormones kicked in and I didn’t need to take much – I hate myself for even taking the few I did. But the point is that science isn’t a forever fact. I know that’s what these ‘scientists’ act like it is, but the fact is: it’s not an actual fact. (That’s a lot of facts!)It’s only a “fact” based off the limitations of science we know today. In 50 years our children might grow up and one day it might finally come out that vaccines aren’t safe.

And what are we going to do then? Who is going to take responsibility, it’s sure not going to be your government. I guess we can all get together and do a class action lawsuit against the government, the makers of the vaccine itself and our medical system, but will it take away the disease from the infected children?And at the worst, in 50 years it comes out that it is actually very safe! Then you’ll feel like a moron- simple as that.

Fun fact, the big bang theory which I was taught and believed in for all my life, might be under review now…and by under review I mean it might have not happened….

Horray for science!…so if they can get these things wrong with so many decades of saying this theory is right and anyone who doesn’t believe in it is a nutjob….then what about vaccines. I will credit that vaccines can be tested and we know from experiments done on populations under the guise of vaccinations, that it’s real testable science so therefore it’s more sciencey?? And The Universe can’t be tested and such but it’s still real sciencey science…Wait what?

8) Well then whiney-pants blogger momma, why did you vaccinate then?

With all that heavy stuff and my complete distrust in the government I still vaccinated my kids- yes I totally did. Cried and prayed like crazy, but I did. Because in the end, I would rather my children live than be at risk of death. I know, I know how could I possibly do it with news like this:, I was scared. Because I know saying that’s not happening in the ‘west’  (however shallow as that may sound) might not be so correct. Our western population has been tested on before in the past, and there’s nothing to stop them from doing it.The United States took in Nazi scientists who committed horrible serious crimes against the Jews during the holocaust in experimenting on them medically with god knows what, and hired them into different research fields, such as science, medicine and military after Hitler was brought down….we’re going to trust this?(This article is a bit hard to read considering the writer almost relishes the science behind the holocaust)
List of medical shots for baby concept of vaccination
Here is my reason:
c) If you ask any maternity nurse who has seen children come in struggling to breath, hooked up to wires, tubes and heart monitors, or having to sit down with the parents to deliver the bad news or call the morgue for pick up…you will know, that no matter what, you still want to give them a fighting chance to be alive. It is true, that they might still get really sick, they might be injected with something designed chemically to hurt them in other ways, but living here that was a risk I had to take. Because of the amount we travel, the place we live in (British Columbia being a hub for travelers from different Asian countries that seem to always carry that damn measles bug!) I chose to do it. NO just because I did it, doesn’t mean you have to do it too.9) You are the Parent!You are the parent. You did everything you can from the moment of conception to birthing to this moment to create the safest possible space for your children. You want to keep them happy and healthy, and vaccinations really scare you because there has been so much hoopla around it. But don’t be confused. Because there are facts that we can’t dismiss. Yes vaccines do prevent, how much and how effectively is the contradiction though.Your babies are yours and you have to sit down and map out a lifestyle. If you don’t get these vaccinations and eat GMO’s and expose them to chemicals- guess what you’re killing your kids anyways.Here’s a fine example of how Corporations decide to make choices for us.

Yeah….and this is something that is readily available for purchase, no warning, nothing. Even though they’re using something that is known to cause cancer, they’re not going to do anything about it, and you’re going to go ahead and use it.

So think about it clearly. Being anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine isn’t the bubble we should be putting people in. You are either pro-information or not. You are either pro-lifestyle choices or not. In your course of life, you will be about different things and change your mind about different things a lot, but one thing remains the same. We all want to live as long as possible as healthy as possible and want the same for our kids.

Also keep in mind that everything in your environment has been in contact with some sort of chemical- from when you’re born to your death. Everything from your food, your water, the clothes you wear, to the street you live in. People forget that vaccinations aren’t the only thing out there that can seriously make us ill. Wifi connections are readily available everywhere- that’s extra radiation following you everywhere increasing your cancer risk. Own a cell phone? Yep you’re probably going to increase brain cancer risk. If you live in downtown of any city, chances are your cancer risk will also increase due to car pollution. The foods you eat have been sprayed to death with different chemicals and an organic label doesn’t mean it’s actually organic, it can still be from a GMO seed (which is guaranteed to have been sprayed chemically).

If you drink organic tea’s, the leaves were collected from 3rd world nations, chances are you are drinking industrial run-off, and if it’s in a tea bag- well that’s plastic you’re ingesting. The clothes you wear? Is it from China or a 3rd world country? Well then say hello to the thin film of chemical spray that doesn’t wash off. Everything will kill you on this planet unless you’re off the grid out in the middle of nowhere. And that’s the argument a lot of Vaccine pushers make to anti-vaccine people. And to this I agree, everything can kill you, thats true.

But my goal in life is to reduce as much of that risk of terrible diseases as possible. If a patient is at risk of being diabetic because their parent has it, doesn’t mean they will for sure have it. You can keep yourself in check with diet and exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, and at best wait out that diabetes until your old age. The point is you wanna give yourself and your family the best chance. So you’re already buying organic and making healthy meals at home, and you’ve even got a garden out back to supply you with good food. Heck you might have even switched from wifi to direct cable plug in, and you’re even saving money to switch to organic cotton clothes, etc etc  So why wouldn’t you want to know why these vaccines are causing the kind of injury they are- rare or not. Why aren’t you given all of the information that should be your right to have.

Why wouldn’t you want to know why big pharma companies have contradictory information and ignoring any other study conducted. Cell phone companies insist that radiation from a cell phone can’t cause any cancer….Um have you seen the multiple other studies that are saying, there is in fact a link?

List of medical shots for baby concept of vaccination ClinicalTrials

We wouldn’t be good parents if we didn’t ask questions and didn’t question the authority that governs us. They are supposed to be elected officials into the government there to serve you, you have no fear in demanding answers or change.

That is your damn right. You are a citizen and you have every right to know ALL of the information. Not just the science based research the companies themselves did. Such as the scientists who found that eating GMO’s caused tumors in rats. Remember now, his research isn’t something Canadian Food and Safety is accepting to rethink GMO, in fact instead they kept the big pharma science and have now allowed for GMO salmon to be sold in our stores. And how much science went behind that GMO salmon to be considered safe by the FDA? The study was based on 6 fish…Yeah.

And the real question is, why are things being labeled safe, when in fact there is no long term testing on humans and we don’t actually know the true impact on a humans health. Enter this GMO scientist who found rats with tumors, who should have changed our governments mindset when it comes to ‘acceptable science’.  The point is, the truth is sketchy on these studies done by Big Pharma, and the science however sensible isn’t without flaw. Cause remember now Monsanto and these GMO companies say with their science and studies say GMO’s are safe… we know, they’re not. So why are they so arrogantly tooting the vaccines are safe horn when there is a reasonable and very real doubt. Why isn’t anything changing when things come to light?

If the science on ‘science solid’ things like GMO’s are sketchy made by the same people who have their hands dipped in Big Pharma, then why can’t vaccinations also be sketchy especially when there is so much ‘fraud’ surrounding them. At the end of the day, the same people make money. Feed you to get sick, vaccinate you to prevent getting sick, while injecting you with something that could make your sicker….it’s a dirty game but it’s happened in our history before, there is no saying it’s not happening right now.

We want to live free, not just talk about freedom. Which is why we need to push our governments to do a less bias job in telling us the truth, and not just fixate on how much money they can make off of sickness and disease. We need to force pharma groups to work in not just the best interest of money, but in the interest of actually saving lives without costing so many lives with so many lies.

So keep that in your mind. And make your choice. To vaccinate or not vaccinate. That is the question. There might not be one true answer.

Now after reading this, you might be scared and even more terrified and even more confused on what to do. All I can say, is do the best you can. You live here with what you have and are being dealt the cards you got. Make the best decision you can. Don’t be afraid of the system, or other random people on line. People will think or do whatever they want anyways, you don’t need to climb on to any pro or anti anything bandwagon. Just do what is right for you.

I’m sure you will make the best and most right choice for your child and your family.

Good luck!

Lessons for Mommy #47:

STOP! Don’t BreastFeed in Public!

Come on ladies, your boobs are shameful. They are sexual things that need to be covered up, or completely showing in the most sexual way possible. If it’s not entertaining in a jiggly way in Hollywood, don’t pop them out in public breastfeeding- that’s just disgusting. Your baby is just going to have to go hungry and get his s*** together.

Them boobs have nipples, and so what if you’re baby is crying because he’s hungry, and so what if the only place he can get that milk is from your boobs- get a bottle kid! Eat some food. It’s 2015 ladies, does your baby really need those boobs? Breastfeeding is what mothers of ancient times did, we don’t need that now.

If you want to breastfeed get a room, put on layers of blankets, and have someone hold up a cover so that no one can even tell that you’re boobing back there. Instead of doing the most shameful act ever by breastfeeding your baby, you could just let him cry. But like the whore if you insist on breastfeeding that shameless infant of yours in public, then here’s some advice.

1) Go into the bathroom, where everyone is pissing and pooping away, the sound of constant flushing and farting will soothe him to sleep.

2) Carry at all times 2-5 blankets and perhaps a bed sheet so that you can cover yourself and your baby under hot blankets to ensure no one walking by will see your nipples. Because you know if a man was to see you breastfeeding, he might get a hardon and rape you. Bonus Tip- get your mother, husband or your other small child to hold up the sheet around you, like a tent.

3) Go into a corner somewhere. If you can’t find a chair, sit on your small child or husband’s lap- but make sure you face the wall as close as possible because you’re doing something sexual when you breastfeed and no one’s grandfather should have to see that.

4) Can’t find a corner, no problem if you’re in the mall, ask to go into a changing room with multiple mirrors so you can see how disgusting the act is. And I’m sure your baby will find the bright white lights in his eyes calming (mostly blinding) but eventually his pupils will get used to it.

5) At a family members house? Rush into a bedroom, if anyone asks what you’re going to do, DO NOT say you’re breastfeeding- even saying the word “Breast” is sexual. Instead say you’re going to do a 30 minute diaper change.

6) IF you are in a open place like the park or out in the city and you’re baby suddenly gets hungry for milk, don’t just whip out those boobs and start feeding. There are other people there trying to enjoy their time and they don’t need to see your nipples feeding something you gave life. That’s private stuff and should be done privately. So try to the cover/sheet method or let the kid cry for a little bit while you rush to the nearest public washroom. It will build his character.

7) On a family vacation or at a festival? Ask the women around you to surround you in a human shield so none of their men can see your boobs. God forbid if they did. Do you know how many of them would suddenly want to leave their women and marry you instead!?

8) Remember you can wear a bikini while breastfeeding, but if you have to actually breast feed- don’t. Go somewhere secluded, devoid of human life and pop your boobs out of that bikini top and then breastfeed.

Always think “My boobs are sexual items and just because the natural function is to feed a baby doesn’t give me the right to disgust other people with it. My baby is just going to have to grow the hell up”.

So there you have it, the most idiotic article ever. I’m being really sarcastic just in case no one got that.

You need to breastfeed your baby, BREASTFEED HIM/HER wherever and whenever you want. Doesn’t matter if people are uncomfortable or not, that’s their damn problem, not yours. Your boobs are there to feed the life you gave and it’s the most natural thing possible. Don’t feel ashamed, or nervous about it. Don’t give it a second thought. If you need to breastfeed your child, then do it. Pop out those nurturing boobs and feed your child.

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #46:

My life!

Not living Just Functioning.

It’s been a long time since I had the luxury to post. I have been living pretty pain free, just tense and sore, and perhaps a headache maybe only once or twice a week- but that’s it. I thought that this is great. But today when I finally sat down to review my calendar so I could go back and figure out what to post here, I realized it has been a very long time since I last updated.

What was eating up my time so much that it had been so long since my last post? Was it my kids, the business, life, home making etc But still I always had time in the past, what happened then?

After carefully going through everything in my calendar, I realized I was spending so much time doing stretching, magic bagging, and more stretching, on top of the never ending appointments, to driving back and fourth…I was spending so much time trying to keep the pain away that I’m not really living anymore. I’m just functioning.

This really made me sad. I love posting on my blog and I still have so much material to catch up to, material that I had written before the car accident that I haven’t had time to post up on here.

I think I would classify myself as a ‘anxious’ person. I went through postpartum anxiety after my daughter’s pregnancy went down hill. But I recovered even with a small baby, I had my amazing support and I had no physical pain so it all just came together. So why did a car accident bring me down this much. I can’t get into the details because it’s a long and kind of sad story, but I think after assessing myself for a little while this last week I realized that the physical pain was taking a toll on my mood and taking a toll on my life. Which is why I was working so hard to be pain free… but now I’m not living like I want to. I’m spending a lot of time trying to stop the pain from happening at all or lessening it.

Breast feeding is supposed to be a happy wonderful bonding time, I enjoyed breastfeeding my daughter so so much. And had it not been the car accident I wouldn’t have had to stop. But this time around breastfeeding my son with all this pain, that I’m finding myself saying ‘I hope he gets off soon’…which is something I would have never said before. I…I don’t like this. I thought I was making real head ways in terms of getting my emotions on track and letting things go and moving on. I also thought I was becoming more zen in terms of positive thinking and telling myself that there is not going to be any more pain in my neck. I make it like some sad motto everyday and its’ helped, but I realize now that it’s because I’m doing so much to prevent it.

I’m finding it hard to accept again. And instead of coming on here and posting something meaningful for other momma’s to read and learn from, I’m posting how frustrated I am at myself as a person, as a woman and as a mom. Why can’t I be stronger then this? I decided not to stretch today and see where I am in terms of pain. And it’s creeping up fast on me. I haven’t had to take a Tylenol yet because I’m mentally warding off the pain by telling myself “I feel nothing”  and I also think I have become used to this type of pain- as sad as that sounds…But this pain is very much real. It’s a soreness, a tightness, it actually feels like my neck to my shoulder is swollen.

So what can I do right this moment after piecing this together? How can I cut down my neck maintenance time and start living and doing what I want to do? I guess the first step would be to stop being in denial about it.

Address it and deal with it.

I will up my water intake, since it does help with inflammation in the body and it’s good for me.

I will also go back to taking turmeric in my diet instead of relying on pills.

I will also stretch only morning, afternoon and before bed. I will try to train my body, my neck in particular to loosen up and stay loosened.

And the biggest one: I will also have to come to terms with the fact that I will have to take the injections my doctor suggested. It’s not my ideal but I cannot live like this: to avoid pain spend so much time avoiding it and not living.

I guess that’s what mothers have to do with hurdles. You just have to deal with them. I will try this method to deal with it. Because what I am doing right now isn’t the solution that works for me. If I am going to live properly, then I have to get this neck to do what I want it to do, and that is be loose, comfortable and pain free. I want to spend more time with my daughter doing crafts, enjoy breastfeeding my son, and do my blog, help my husband with the company, and just enjoy and cherish life like I used to.

I don’t know why I turned this way? Perhaps the stresses after the accident piled up and warped my personality? Maybe it was just the last one thing I could take? Maybe this was how I react to being thrown off the cliff- hold on to freaking anything and stay there as long as possible until someone saves me. I’m not going to wait there on that cliff, I’m really going to try to make the effort to climb up. And I will climb up.

I have so much more then what I’m living out of life. My husband and I have big dreams that a lot of people can only dream of. We are hell bent on making a reality. In order to achieve those goals, I have to be the kind of person who can adapt and change as I need to.

I guess there is no lesson in this. But maybe the lesson can be that if you aren’t living the way you want and just functioning; you’re not getting the full potential out of life. So if by making small changes, we can slowly achieve that goal of living, why not try it. My old self would have put the most negative spin on this, that there’s probably no point, the pain isn’t going to go away, and why did this have to happen to me etc

But I’m not that person anymore- no I’m not going down that stupid mental spiral. I will love this body and love this life and LIVE IT. I won’t let the poor decision of someone who couldn’t respect the road, to change my life to the point where I can’t enjoy it.

I think the lesson for me would be, to not let this accident take another year, another month, another day, another hour from me. These seconds, months and years belong to me and I don’t want to look back at my calendar and wonder- what did I do with me time?

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #43:

Picky Eater!

Forcing your kid to eat.

What to do when your kid just won’t eat. Some kids just eat whatever they are given. Some kids are more picky, really picky. And they don’t want to eat what you give them or don’t want to eat at all. And it’s the toughest thing to watch when your child isn’t eating properly, you constantly worry if they are getting enough of the essential nutrients they need to grow.

Some parents might get desperate and start force feeding, but don’t. It’s actually really bad for them because it sets up a bad food relationship as well as shocking their set metabolism. Your child will never starve him/herself, so trust that they will eat but maybe in small portions or eat a little throughout the day and suddenly want a big helping of fruits or rice or chicken days later. It’s perfectly normal.

Force feeding them can set up a bad relationship with food, that can lead to obesity, diabetes and other eating disorders. So even though it may be hard, you have to clench your teeth and try and try again and again to encourage them to eat. And if they watch you eating, making happy noises and being excited about food they will eventually pick up on those habits.

And if you’re really paranoid try filling in the gaps with yummy fruit and veggie packed smoothies rather then getting pediasure if you don’t want the extra sugar. Hide shredded carrots in spaghetti sauce, spinach leafs in pizza etc Or over the counter vitamin drops or gummies. And remember, don’t force them and don’t force yourself.

Let eating be a natural part of their lives, and a healthy one for both you and your child.

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #40:


Winter and baby skin

Its cold out there! The air is dry and crisp making it that time of year where baby’s skin will get dry.  Use a good quality baby lotion or cream to keep baby’s skin moist, comfortable and healthy. Baby moisturizers from Gaia are excellent! Natural, without the dangerous chemicals normally found in baby products. It’s one of my favorites!

If you want to use your current baby lotions, at least don’t pick Johnsons & Johnsons, which has had some issues recently with cancer causing ingredients in their creams and products. Pick a baby product or lotion that has no parfum, has a few ingredients and you should be able to pronounce them. Add a few drops of coconut oil in there or smear on your hand before you apply the lotion to naturally protect their skin from UVA UVB rays as well as keeping their skin baby soft and moisturized.
You can purchase these from or go directly to Gaia’s website.

Good Luck!
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