Life Lesson for Mommy #14:


Everything from food containers to toys, to even the lotion you use on your child has plastic in it. It’s alright if it’s BPA free, but even then some experts suggest going ‘wood or glass’ if possible; is better.

Now we all can’t start handing out glass toys to our kids, and not every good toy is wood; but we can start changing our plastic habit where we can.

Small changes like slowly switching our plastic food containers to glass. Giving wood options like alphabet blocks and toy blocks instead of the plastic favorites, are all good choices. Buying steel lunch boxes are better then plastic containers.

And checking the labels of baby products to match those recommended on David Suzuki’s ‘dirty dozen’ list is also a very good idea.

It’s crazy how much chemical is around us, in our environment and in our home. And it’s unrealistic to change everything; but changing a few small things here and there can help reduce the ‘plastic’ in your life by a small % is better then none.

Good Luck