Life Lesson for Mommy #41:


Kids Learning a 2nd Language:


If you’re a ethnic parent, then you probably are already teaching your child a second language (your mother language if you will). For Caucasian parents, you may not have a second language apart from English. The benefits of teaching your child early on a second or third language are great!
A second language helps the brain develop on a whole different level. It gives the child ability to process everything slowly but more efficiently, giving stimulation in the memory and comprehension side of the brain- usually pre-programing for faster brain processing as they grow up.
If you are born in a family where there is no 2nd language, consider picking a language for your child to learn. Youtube has some great videos for kids to learn different language if you just want to see what your child connects with better.
For Omera, we have English at home, Hindi with my parents, and Chinese with her Chinese teacher. So she’s covered on all grounds haha
But she is sometimes a little slower, because now that she’s being exposed to all 3 languages, she often pauses to process what she wants to say in the language that is appropriate based on the person’s race! Amazing isn’t it.
So if you haven’t yet started to teach your kid a 2nd language, definitely go for it!
Good Luck

Omera’s Shows List:


Experts say the same thing: that TV and Laptops can actually make your kids slow ….a little stupid. And honestly, it really can. Too much TV really does melt the brain, especially for kids.

My daughter Omera doesn’t really watch any TV programs. I tried to let her watch famous shows like Dora, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies- the whole lot. But it just didn’t appeal to her, and after watching them I honestly realized why the experts say that it turns your kids a bit slow. Because these shows all have unrealistic visuals of what real life is. Nothing practical, no real substance of real life.

Sure sharing, caring and doing your best are important. But my daughter doesn’t get why Dora consults a monkey and then goes on a boat to rescue a talking penguin… If it didn’t make sense to me on a basic level, why the heck would it to her?

So she watched only programs that I per-screened and selected for her from youtube.

I downloaded the videos so there are no interruptions of ad’s and having to go and find and click the next video. And I balanced all these videos by keeping it a maximum of 1 hour a day- I try for 30 minutes total for a day, but some days I need that 1 hour.

She watches a wide range of videos, from educational, to language, to just music videos she likes and dances to- best way to make a toddler happy and tired! I try to make sure the videos have other kids in it, or educational elements, I always try to interact with her while she’s watching these videos so she’s not just sitting and staring and memorizing but not learning. If you interact with your kids while they are watching these videos, they are more likely to learn and not just become addicted zombie’s.

So here is the List of Show’s she watches- all free and easily downloaded from Youtube.

Good Luck!

North American Programs:
1) Super Simple Songs : They are honestly my go to videos, and almost all their videos are great for teaching songs and getting Omera off the couch and singing and motioning along.

2) Pancake Manor- have some really good videos for teaching and moving around!

3) This video was great for Omera when she was 1- simple colours, not a lot of flash so she picked up on her #’s fast.

4) Alphablocks! Sound out the sounds!

5) ABC Gang- careful with this one. This is the only video she’s watched from them.

6) An very good Itzy Bitzy song- can really push to not give up.

7) Pororo (english or Korean version)

8) Storybots

9) Pocoyo

(I find Pocoyo to be rather naughty and it was from watching him that Omera learned to tantrum when things didn’t go her way. I was just going to cut him out of her watching list, but then I realized this was a good opportunity to show bad behavior and how to correct it. So when he tantrum’ed or did something I felt wasn’t good, I would tell Omera that Pocoyo’s being very naughty right now and he should say sorry, or that Pocoyo is going to have a time out if he doesn’t clean up his mess etc. Her tantrums after that were easily fixable after that)

Chinese Programs

1) Little Pim (Chinese)

2) Mandarin Colours

3) Qiahou (the Mandarin speaking Tiger) These videos taught Omera early on to brush her teeth, to potty, to dress herself, to behave at the table etc So even though it’s Chinese, give it a try.

4) Beva & Friends- good for learning Chinese ‘mothergoose’ like songs.

5) Elmo- Chinese

Arabic/Islamic Programs
Word of caution, I try to do more interactive learning with this, because this is her base.

1)Arabic Alphabet

2) Manners

3) To see another kid praying.

4) How to Pray

Music Videos


2) Seseame Street- Will.I.AM “stronger” – With this I was able to teach Omera to try her best, and to not get angry but to keep trying. So when you show this song, propagate those ideals.

3) Zodiac Leehom Wang

4) Pharrell Williams, Happy, British Muslims

Life Lesson for Mommy #9:

To TV or not to TV?

In the beginning I was very determined to not let my daughter watch any TV because of all the recommendations by Doctors.

But is it really that bad?

It can be an excellent tool to teaching your kids fundamentals like the alphabet and numbers or, a dummy tool. IF you limit the amount of time they spend on the computer or watch TV in combination with interactive teaching while they are watching, it can be a good way for them to learn and for you to spend some time.

But as always, moderation and common sense. The TV or computer is not a babysitter. Its’ a tool for you to use to help your child learn, not a zombie machine.


Good Luck