Life Lesson for Mommy #41:


Kids Learning a 2nd Language:


If you’re a ethnic parent, then you probably are already teaching your child a second language (your mother language if you will). For Caucasian parents, you may not have a second language apart from English. The benefits of teaching your child early on a second or third language are great!
A second language helps the brain develop on a whole different level. It gives the child ability to process everything slowly but more efficiently, giving stimulation in the memory and comprehension side of the brain- usually pre-programing for faster brain processing as they grow up.
If you are born in a family where there is no 2nd language, consider picking a language for your child to learn. Youtube has some great videos for kids to learn different language if you just want to see what your child connects with better.
For Omera, we have English at home, Hindi with my parents, and Chinese with her Chinese teacher. So she’s covered on all grounds haha
But she is sometimes a little slower, because now that she’s being exposed to all 3 languages, she often pauses to process what she wants to say in the language that is appropriate based on the person’s race! Amazing isn’t it.
So if you haven’t yet started to teach your kid a 2nd language, definitely go for it!
Good Luck