Life Lesson for Mommy #40:


Winter and baby skin

Its cold out there! The air is dry and crisp making it that time of year where baby’s skin will get dry.  Use a good quality baby lotion or cream to keep baby’s skin moist, comfortable and healthy. Baby moisturizers from Gaia are excellent! Natural, without the dangerous chemicals normally found in baby products. It’s one of my favorites!

If you want to use your current baby lotions, at least don’t pick Johnsons & Johnsons, which has had some issues recently with cancer causing ingredients in their creams and products. Pick a baby product or lotion that has no parfum, has a few ingredients and you should be able to pronounce them. Add a few drops of coconut oil in there or smear on your hand before you apply the lotion to naturally protect their skin from UVA UVB rays as well as keeping their skin baby soft and moisturized.
You can purchase these from or go directly to Gaia’s website.

Good Luck!
Gaia baby moisturizer

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Gaia’s website

Life Lesson for Mommy #37:


Making You own Deodorant

It’s no longer news that aluminum zirconium is a conversational ingredient in deodorants for both men and women. It’s been linked in studies to Alzheimer and Breast Cancer- two things that no one wants to get in the future. The way aluminum works is to “dry out sweat by injecting aluminum ions in the cells that line the sweat ducts. When the aluminum ions are drawn into the cells, water flows in; the cells begin to swell, squeezing the ducts closed so sweat cannot get out,” according to the Julie Gabriel, The Green Beauty Guide.

Which means, it’s stopping something as natural as sweating from happening, or inhibiting it. Which is pretty unnatural. Your body sweats to regulate body temperature and to sweat off toxins from you body.

While there is research that the FDA and our Canadian equivalent use to state that the use of this ingredient is perfectly safe, there are enough studies out there to suggest otherwise- that it’s not safe.

We all try to limit our chemical contact throughout our lifespan, hoping to reduce our chances and our families chances of getting such illnesses like cancer. Deodorant is one of those things that should be in your ‘reconsider’ list.

Instead you can buy healthy, non aluminum options, or try making your own!

Here is a common recipe I found online, that works rather well. Depending on how much you sweat, what season it is and if you’re pregnant (like me) you may have to reapply. But the good thing is that both men and women can use it so no need to buy a bunch of Dove deodorants and Old spice up your body.

The part I love the most, is adding different oil’s, I chose to use Vanilla and Orange, and I have to admit, I couldn’t help but smell myself every now and then, because it smelled so good! And the best part was no horrid water resistant film to scrape off my armpits in the shower.

Here is the recipe, you can change up the oils your use to make a stronger or lighter smell. You can make this mixture and put them into some cleaned out deodorant cases, or put them in a glass or steal jar for easy use, but this mixture does hardened or softened time to time depending on how hot your house is (mainly because of the coconut oil) but not enough to feel oily or loose.

  • 3 Tbsp of Coconut oil
  • 3 Tbsp of Baking Soda
  • 2 Tbsp of Shea Butter
  • 2 Tbsp of Arrowroot
  • Few drops of Essential Oils

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #34:

Nom Nom

Fasting and Food.

Dates, carbs and fruit are part of the diet of a Muslim during Ramadan. From 3am to 9pm we will go without food or water. Be careful of your sugars. I know it seems like a healthy good idea to chow down on tons of fruits and dates, but it’s not. There’s a reason why you only need 1 full fruit and 1 date to bring up your sugars to healthy levels. When making smoothies you are piling in the fruit like a whole banana and several helpings of berries- still sugar, better then cake, but still sugar.

Carbs convert into sugars in your body, so all that rice and roti you might be consuming on top of that fruit equals to diabetes for the future. We have an unhealthy view on what it is healthy.

The food plate diagrams- see if you can pick out the correct way to eat. Below is what we should be following even during Ramadan- with some tweaks here and there on protein to fill up. But more veggies over fruits. Pile in those veggies until your a stuffed chipmunk! Cancer fighting and won’t spike up fasting sugars and still keep all your organs and acid in your body working in perfect harmony!

And don’t forget that fat free dairy is almost always devoid of any nutrition, so drink at least 2% milk and cut down on the fats like canola oil to coconut oil.

Good Luck!

Life Lesson for Mommy #32:


Hot water during the winter.

This is a big skin dryer. Hot water. Yes it feels good to take a nice hot bath or shower during these cold cold months, but it dries out your skin- and as we all know dry skin means wrinkles. Even if you jump out of the hot bath and then slather lotion all over yourself, it’s still weakened your natural skin barrier. So try not to take such hot showers or if you must, do shorter showers with a beauty bar rather then soap.
This applies to babies. Hot baths are nice and comforting but to babies who already have such delicate skin and lose moisture faster then us; it’s even harder on them.


A good moisturizer for the body is coconut oil- does wonder to smooth skin and clarify with anti-oxidants and healing properties!

Good Luck!