Life Lesson for Mommy #142:

5 Minute Scrub! DIY!

There are only a few things I do for myself during the week to take care of myself. And this is one of them. I make a cup of it, stick it into a glass mason jar and use it up every week! It’s easy and it cleanses your skin, helps smooth out, lightens and brightens your skin and just overall good! And you probably already have these ingredients in your house!

It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin- this is great for both. I have combination skin so this is perfect for someone like me. You can add a little something extra to it if you feel your skin type needs a little less or more.

The Stuff You Need:

  • 1 lemon squeezed out of all it’s juice, no seeds.
  • 1 cup plain white yogurt
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal (blended dry until it’s a powder)

Mix all the ingredients and make a paste- it should not be sliding off your face. Decrease yogurt or increase amount of oatmeal powder to reach paste like consistency.

That’s it! Mix it, put it into a mason jar and keep it in your fridge. And 5 minutes before your shower, or while you’re in the shower slather it on your face and neck and let it sit for as long as you can. Ideal would be until it dries and feels like your face is tight! But any amount of time is great!

It’s like a mask, a scrub, a cleanser, a toner- it freaking does it all!

Some Tips:

  •  Make sure your yogurt is not about to be expired.
  • -Label the mason jar with yogurt expiry so you know when to throw out mixture- should only use for 1 week before making new batch.

Life Lesson for Mommy #21


The Trouble with Vaseline.



It’s kind of become tradition throughout the decades to use vaseline on baby’s bums and other dry parts. This is a big no no. Vaseline is found in the baby aisle often because it’s been used on baby bums everywhere to prevent the skin from getting dry and to stop from anything like poopy from sticking to sensitive baby skin. What mothers may have not known back then, is that putting anything around the diaper area of a baby can actually do more harm then good. Vaseline doesn’t protect, it blocks, preventing the skin from breathing.


Skin breathing is essential to good healthy baby skin, especially the bum. Don’t use Vaseline on any part of a baby. If dry skin is an issue then try using sensitive baby skin lotions or moisturizes, or try using Euceren- which contains arginine (good for anyone’s skin).
If diaper rashes are an issue, try switching diapers or changing more often and using a ‘everyday use’ diaper cream. And if your little one is a big kid and has dry skin issues; try easing on products that contain ‘parfum’ in the ingredients list (at least the first 5), and sulphates (which strips skin).


You can add a little olive oil (which is closest to resembling natural skin cells) with their lotion or in the baths to help keep their skin moisturized- just a couple of teaspoons as needed is all it takes.
And don’t use powders on babies or kids- not even for their faces. Babies and kids lose moisture a lot faster then adults and using powders on diaper areas or even their faces makes their skin drier faster; and opens the door for future skin irritations because you’re drying out their natural moisture barriers.
Good Luck