Life Lesson for Mommy #45:


Sesame oil your nose!

It’s the prime of winter, and stuffy noses will happen. Sesame oil has a pungent toasty smell that just opens the nasal passage and gets that clogged nose unclogged. It lubricates the inside of your nose so it doesn’t dry and can even help prevent nose bleeds from happening because it keeps your nose hydrated.

Take a small q-tip, dip into some sesame oil and then gently rub into your nostrils or your little one’s nostril. Now don’t go jamming this q-tip into your nose or your child’s nose. It doesn’t have to go far in, just even slightly in the nostril is fine, the smell enough is great for getting that snot rolling out.

It will smell like a Chinese restaurant everywhere you go for a little while, but this will toast up your nose and voilà, no more stuffy nose!

It’s a great natural alternative to sprays or vaseline for the entire family.

Good Luck!