Life Lesson for Mommy #27:


Sunscreen your kids

Summer’s here!  It’s the only time of year that parents remember to put on Sun Screen. You should be using Sun Screen all year around because it’s not hot during the fall and winter months.
But alas, the sun’s still there, and it’s full on blasting that baby skin with UVA and UVB rays. The concentration might be a little less, but it’s still there.

So now that it’s summer, slather on baby or kids sunscreen (at least 45+ for lighter skins, and 60 for darker skin tons) on any exposed skin on your child during the day, on top of their baby lotion. Even if you wipe their face or they get wet, make sure to reapply.

And remember to put some on too (adult sunscreen of course).


PS: remember those hats!

Good Luck!